Beauty Hack: DIY Elastic Ribbon Hairbands

IMG_1705I love these hairbands because they don’t damage your hair and they look really cute on your wrist (which is a big plus)! However, I usually pay $10 per pack of hairbands. IMG_1695

I was browsing around the craft section in Walmart and I found this package of elastic ribbon for $2.50 and I was able to make about 24 hairbands from this pack! Keep reading to see how!


Step 1: Cut your ribbon into pieces that are 10-11 inches longIMG_1699

Step 2: Tie a knot at the end of each ribbonIMG_1701

That’s it, you’re done!!! The whole pack maybe took me 15 minutes to make!


  1. I’ve done this but with just plain solid colours. I got a brunch of elastics that are meant for bra straps from a textile shop – really inexpensive and useful! Yours are so cute!

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