Cute Romper, Crappy Brand #OOTD

Today I’ve got an ootd for you. But I also have a bit of a rant at the end on the brand who made this romper so keep reading until the end lol! IMG_1797

This romper is so cute, easy to wear, and super comfortable.Β IMG_1783

The only thing I don’t love is the brand. Originally I didn’t list the brand because I didn’t want to advertise their product. But I’m going to go ahead and tell you. The brand is Band of Gypsies.

You may be wondering why I’m so salty. It isn’t the product, it’s their ethics and practices. I posted a photo of the outfit and tagged the brand. Afterwards, I went to their page to see other customer photos and saw that they’d untagged themselves in my picture.

At first I was pretty darn insulted. I mean I know they have the right to, but that’s pretty rude. Then I looked a little more closely at the customer photos that other women had tagged the brand in and literally every woman was tall, thin, and insta-famous.

I know that Instagram is a platform where we showcase only the very best of our lives and ourselves at our most glamorous, but the fact that this brand is making it seem like every woman who wears their clothing is perfect is insane! I love this romper and I will continue to wear it (with indignation of course) but I certainly will not be purchasing anything else from said snobby brand in the future.Β IMG_1792


  1. So glad you told us the brand. I can’t believe they did that, especially with the latest trends of body positivity and all looks are beautiful. Their social presence is completely unattainable. Good for you for writing this!!


    • Thanks!!! What I’ve learned in the few short years that I’ve been an adult is that you’ve really got to know your worth. The media, brands, and just so many people out there will try to tear you down and make you feel small.


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