Style Hack: Suede Choker DIY

diy sude choker

Hey guys! I’ve been easing myself back into blogging, and one of the things that I’ve missed most is posting DIY’s, so today I’m going to be showing you how to make this suede choker. I’ve been seeing them a lot on bloggers and on Instagram and I think they’re such a cute accessory but the fact that they’re literally a piece of string has stopped me from buying one. With this version, I got six different types of suede ribbon for about $4 at Hobby Lobby and that’s all you need for this DIY!

Cut your string into a 64 strand, iron it out on low heat so that it’s nice and straight, and keep reading to see three different ways to tie it!IMG_1713

This is probably my favorite way to tie it. Make one loop around your neck and tie a bow about half way down! How cute is this!IMG_1715

You can also do one loop and then tie a knot for a simple look. IMG_1718

For the last method, I used two different strands, looped them around my neck twice, and then created a knot.

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY 🙂


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