Our Big Fat Nigerian Wedding


This past weekend I attending my brother’s wedding (he’s the one in the purple outfit). His wife is Nigerian, and for the wedding they added many (but not all, there’s a lot) of traditional Nigerian wedding traditions.

My family presented his wife and her family with baskets full of gifts that the grooms family traditionally presents to their new family. The baskets were full of fruit, sparkling juice, sugar, and even yams. IMG_1504

IMG_1519The cake was beautiful as were the table settings. The tables weren’t overdone which I liked and instead of a huge centerpiece that you have to maneuver around to talk to the people at your table they added a bit of Ivy to a glass and had pretty tea lights around it.

IMG_1625My mom’s dress was beautiful and if you can believe it she actually made mine! Like with her hands and a sewing machine! People don’t learn how to sew like they like they used to and I can say that with confidence because I suck at it lol. IMG_1573

But overall the event was really nice and it was really interesting to get to know more about Nigerian culture.


  1. It was indeed a blast! I 3njoyed it so much that I never want to go to another traditional wedding. Everything and everyone was beautiful.
    Well, on second thought, I would maybe prefer and American menu. LOL.

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