Exposed Light Fixture DIY


Hello everyone!

Long time no post. I just started a new job (it’s been awesome so far) and I’m finally settling into my routine so my uploading schedule will be a lot more frequent! I also moved into a new apartment and I’ve been doing a lot of decorating. Most of the pieces in my bedroom are very feminine, which I like, but I decided to balance it out a little by adding a minimalistic light fixture to the room. Keep reading to find out how I made it.

You only need five items for this DIY: an oversized light bulb, an electrical cord (I got mine from World Market they call them “swag kits”, a metal shelf bracket, a screw, and a screwdriverΒ or drill.



The first step is going to be screwing the shelf bracket into the wall. I only used one screw because the light bulb and the cord didn’t really weigh much. You can use a drill or you can screw it in using a screwdriver. After you’ve got the bracket on the wall pull the cord through the bottom and wrap it around the top of the bracket.Β IMG_0888

Next you’re going to put the light bulb into the cord and voila! You’re done!IMG_0892


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I will be uploaded many more DIY projects as I finish them!


  1. It’s so simple yet so clever…I love it! Love your bedding too, very feminine as you said. Thanks for the how to do, and the necessary components!
    Congratulations on your new job and apartment, happy to hear you love both!! πŸ™‚

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