Memories in Scents

IMG_0148Scent is a sense that transcends time and place. A whiff of a scent that you used to wear can take you on a journey through your memories and transport you to another time in your life.

Recently I was thinking about purchasing a new scent and that led me to think about the scents that I already have in my collection and what they mean to me. My most loved scents also hold some of my favorite memories and I’m going to share a few of them with you.

Perfume: Dior Miss Dior Cherie

Memory: When I spray this perfume I always think of Macy’s in the spring. I bought it after taking the train into downtown Philadelphia to go to the Wannamaker’s building that the historic Center City Macy’s is housed in. VisitingΒ this Macy’s is not your average shopping experience. The architecture is so grandiose; even if you don’t purchase anything its just amazing to walk around the building and take it all in. The ceiling’s are unbelievably high, the floors are crafted from a luxurious marble, the grand organ is a fixture that gives the building an air of grandeur, and the first floor was adorned by beautiful flower arrangements in honor of the annual Flower Show.

Perfume: Jessica Simpson Β Fancy

Memory: Fancy is a scent that used to be my signature. I wore it constantly during my first few years of college. It makes me think of so many things. It brings me back to living in my tiny first year dorm room, walking to the library to study (and used the fast internet to stream tv shows), late nights talking to my first roommate and to the other girls who lived on my hallway, and my first kiss.

Perfume: Thomas Kosmala Musk Bergamot Patchouli

Memory: This scent makes me think of traveling. I purchased it from an independent perfumer who was selling his scents at the market in Covent Garden in London. It was so unique that I could not pass it up. I still have a good bit of this perfume left but I am savoring it because this perfume is a direct line to some of the most vibrant and happy memories that I have. Every time that I spritz it I think of my little flat in London, all of the amazing friends that I made during my travels, the feeling of London, lounging around in the South of France, eating gelato every day in Rome, and opening my eyes to so many different cultures and ways of life.


  1. This is such a great post! I feel the same way about some of my perfumes. I have a bottle of Coach Poppy that I’ve been rationing for years because it was the last birthday gift I ever received from my grandmother!


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