Festive New Year’s Eve Cups

IMG_0069You guys know that I love DIY projects especially during the holiday season. This year I didn’t have a lot of time to put anything together for New Year’s Eve so I gathered a few supplies that I had in my craft drawer (metallic paint markers and glitter) and I went to the dollar store and bought some cups as well as some spray adhesive for an easy last minute New Year’s project!IMG_0010

First I started with the cups that I wanted to use my metallic paint markers on. This was super simple. All I did was draw some simple designs like polka dots and I did a few with text on them.IMG_0023IMG_0027

Next I created my glitter dipped cups which took a bit more time. You start by pouring a little bit of glitter into a paper plate.IMG_0034

Spray your adhesive on your cups (I concentrated the glue on the bottom of the cups for a gradient effect).IMG_0038

Next you just dip your cups and let them dry.IMG_0062IMG_0057IMG_0054

That’s all there is to this project! It’s super fun and sparkly which is perfect for this holiday and the entire project was under four dollars!IMG_0045


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