Enjoy the Holidays Without Putting On Holiday Weight

DSC_0781This season is the season of holiday cheer. We gather with friends, celebrate life, and feast on plates piled with high calorie/fat filled delicious food. This season can be a slippery slope to old bad eating habits for some. But you can indulge without derailing all of the dedication and hard work that you’ve put into your diet and fitness.  Below I have a few tips that will you maintain your weight during the holiday season without missing out on the food and fun!

1. Prepare your holiday meals on small plates

I don’t know about you, but my family prepares a pretty impressive holiday spread. Sometimes your eyes end urge you to fill your plate with more food than you need. But if you use a small plate you will be more inclined to prepare an appropriate portion.

2. Drink water with your meal

Choose water instead of a can of soda or juice. They are full of calories and sugar that you don’t need to take on. Drinking water with your meal will help to balance out the rich meal that you are eating.

3. Choose to have an alcoholic beverage or a dessert

My biggest tip for those who want to enjoy and indulge in the holidays without going overboard is to pick and choose what you want to splurge on. I will choose in between eating a dessert or having a cocktail or glass of wine.

4. Don’t drop your workout routine

I know the struggle. When your family and friends are around and it gets cold outside it can be difficult to muster up the motivation to go to the gym or hit the pavement for a run. But when the holiday season passes and you are still in tip top shape you’ll be glad that you didn’t fall off of the wagon!

5. Eat a clean breakfast

One big mistake that I used to make was going on a bad eating bender. When you eat high fat meals all day long it increases the chance that you will slip into bad eating habits after the holiday is over. If you are having a holiday dinner eat a clean meal beforehand.


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