Halloween Party Playlist & Long Overdue Shoutouts!

Hello everyone! Today I have a Halloween playlist & blog shoutouts!

This would playlist would be perfect for a Halloween party or if any of you want to get into the Halloween spirit! I included songs that aren’t the traditional/cheesy ones like the “Monster Mash.” I did include MJ’s “Thriller” because I just couldn’t do a Halloween playlist without it lol! Plus who doesn’t love the king of pop!!! You can listen below, or just check out the track listing.


  1. “Thriller” Michael Jackson
  2. “Heads Will Roll” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. “Teeth” Lady Gaga
  4. “Fresh Blood” Eels
  5. “Ghost Town” Adam Lambert
  6. “Haunted” Beyonce
  7. “We Must Be Killers” Mikky Ekko
  8. “Sinister Kid” The Black Keys

I also wanted to give some long overdue shoutouts to bloggers that have nominated me for blog awards recently. I usually don’t get around to doing award posts but I don’t want the amazing bloggers who have nominated for awards to think that I don’t notice and appreciate their support so let’s get started!

Joy nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I have so much love for this girl! She shows me endless support and I can honestly say that we’ve formed a genuine friendship from connecting through our blogs. Joy posts about beauty and lifestyle and she manages to get a ton of awesome content up every single week, which I applaud! She also has mad skills when it comes to nail art!!!

Raphaela gave me a mention in her Real Neat Blog Awards. She is a writer, a dedicated mom, and an individual whose story of survival against violence is an inspiration to all. I am always astounded by people who face hardship and come out of it stronger and kinder.

Allison nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Her blog is such a treat to visit! She is so, so funny and her humor comes through in every post that she writes! She posts about travel, being a young professional, and just general life tips. She takes all of these topics and puts a fun light spin on them!

Kelsey gave me a blogger recognition award. What I love about her blog is the personal touches that she puts into her posts. Her posts are about pop culture, travel, and anything else that she finds interesting. I love bloggers that provide a variety like Kelsey does. She gives such a well rounded view of her personality and interests. I also love reading her travel posts!!!

Nalia nominated me for the One Lovely blog award. She posts about beauty, fashion, and all things pretty haha! If you love beauty blogs check hers out! Her makeup looks are always super fun and her reviews are very in depth and always honest. Nalia also does Youtube tutorials if you prefer to watch tutorials instead of read them, which I know a lot of people do.

Katie nominated me for a Liebster award. I love visiting her blog. She posts about a wide variety of subjects but I especially love her style posts! Her fashion sense is casual while always being chic and put together. Katie is also a Potterhead which a major bonding point for me!

These are all the blogs that I have to mention today! I hope you guys show them some love because they are all so talented and very unique!!!


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