New fall accessory

I don’t know about you guys but I rarely change my handbag. Unless I’m just taking out my nececcities so that I can throw them into an evening handbag, I stick to one bag.

Whenever I’m juggling handbags for day to day use I always end up leaving things that I need in other bags. To keep track of my things I just try and make it easier on myself. But I was getting a big sick of my old bag, and with the changing season I felt like spicing things up. So I set out to find a new bag and I’m pretty happy with the one I found. DSC_0372

I found a bag in this really nice taupey green color. It has gold hardware, which I love, and it was big enough to fit the things I need without being big enough to tempt me to fill it with junk (aka lipsticks haha). DSC_0364

It is a bit smaller than my last bag but I kind of like it because it forces me to keep it simple and organized.DSC_0370I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick post! What fall accessories are you guys loving?


  1. Cute purse but definitely too small for all the “stuff” I can’t seem to leave home without. I am a writer so I usually leave home in the mornings with my laptop and a notebook so I need a tote to fit it all.
    I love your page though. I found you via a comment on another blog and I’m going to follow you. I hope you’ll check out my blog and follow back.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you found my blog!!!
      I definitely have a bigger bag that I put all my work stuff in and I’ve definitely been know to tote around loads of stuff in the past but I’ve been loving keeping it simple!

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