9 Reasons Why Season 3 Of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Going To Be Awesome!

aos season 3I LOVE Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but I have to admit that initially I gave up on it after a few episodes when it first premiered, but this summer my brother convinced me to give it another shot and I literally binged season one and two in a week. I’m so glad that I gave it another shot because once the show gained some momentum it really came into its own and I love everything that is produced within the Marvel universe.

If you’re a Marvel junkie like me, then you are counting down the days until this week’s return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the meantime, let’s recount all of the things that we have to look forward to this season!

  1. The Inhumans are coming!

At the end of season two a batch of Terrigen (the substance that activates Inhuman powers in people with Kree blood) was released into the ocean. Millions of people who consume fish oil pills, seafood, or other goods containing Terrigen will soon be exposed to the substance. There’s a lot to look forward to with the Inhumans. They will refocus the plot of the show, bring new characters, and hopefully there will plenty of awesome special effects thanks to them.

  1. Our favorite hacker is back with a new name and a kickass costume.

Skye is leaving her no-last-name moniker behind for her given name, Daisy Johnson. She also has a new look, which pays homage to the design of her comic book counterpart. Her new costume is super sleek, all black, and includes gloves that are tailor made for her earthquake inducing powers. Daisy all has a new hairdo! Although her long locks were truly lust-worthy, the wavy bob completes her transformation into Daisy.

  1. The Secret Warriors will be assembled.

Director Coulson has tasked Daisy with the responsibility of assembling a team of Inhumans to help protect the world. The amount of gifted people in the world is about to go into overdrive and some of them are bound to be baddies. However, the contracting of more Inhumans is sure to cause friction with many within the team. One villain has already been revealed. Showrunners have confirmed that Lash will be joining the cast! If you read the Inhumans comics you’ll recognize this foe. Though we don’t know much about his role in AOS, he has the power to absorb energy and manipulate it into other forms of energy.

  1. We will find out what happened to Agent Simmons.

Fans have been exploding with theories of what could have possible happened to Agent Simmons. Our dearly beloved biochemist was gobbled up by the mysterious Kree Stone and for all we know she could be in another time period, dimension, or even another universe. This horrific cliffhanger came in the finale seconds of season two after Jemma agreed to go on a date with Fitz (the writers of this show are a cruel, cruel lot).

Elizabeth Henstridge who portrays Simmons says, “I think it’s a transportation device.” Let’s hope it is, because that leaves a possibility that Simmons will return to the team in one piece!

  1. Ward has a new posse and he’s out for blood.

We can all agree that Ward has had a tough go of it. He was raised by an abusive family, groomed into a killing machine by a narcissistic Hydra agent, and accidently killed his girlfriend (Agent 33) because she was wearing someone else’s face. Even though he holds a significant amount of responsibility he’s lost everyone that he’s ever cared about and it’s left him with nothing to hold onto except vengeance. This season he is assembling a deadly team of his own in order to get closure against S.H.I.E.L.D. and he’s not looking for apologies; Ward’s idea of closure is destruction.

  1. There could be more tie-ins to the MCU.

The ties and nods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe just make AOS that much more fun to watch. In season one everything changed after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film gave a much needed edge to the show and the show added another layer to the events of the film. This year, Captain America: Civil War will premiere on May 6, 2016. AOS will most likely have one or two episodes left in the show and hopefully there will be a tie-in that presents just as much potential as Winter Soldier did.

  1. S.HI.E.L.D. is coming into its skin.

This season there will be more cohesion between the members of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Each of the members of Coulson’s team has gone through a period where their limits as agents have been tested. This isn’t just a day job. It calls for %100 loyalty and the willingness for each agent to sacrifice their personal happiness and even their life for the greater good. While the organization isn’t back to its glory days from before the Hydra reveal, they aren’t just a ragtag group of fugitives anymore.

  1. The supporting cast will get more screen time.

This season we’re going to learn more about the supporting cast of the show. Mack is taking a more active role on the team; Coulson has tasked him with the job of handling alien artifacts that come into their possession (let’s hope he doesn’t repeat Fury’s mistakes).

We’re also looking forward to learning more about Lincoln. We know he’ll be more prominent this season. He helped S.H.I.E.L.D. take down Jiaying at the end of season 2, and gained a spot on the season 3 cast poster that was released by ABC. However, that doesn’t mean that we know where his true allegiance lies. The official trailer shows Mack and Lincoln butting heads and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for these two!

  1. There may be hope for Huntingbird.

Bobbi and Hunter have been awesome additions to the AOS cast. Although they’re history with one another is extremely turbulent, it’s apparent that they haven’t stopped loving one another. In S.O.S. Part 2, after Bobbi had been held captive by Ward and his new protégé Agent 33, she took a bullet for Hunter and nearly died. She sustained critical injuries that are most likely to put her back in the lab this season (on top of being a badass field agent she’s also a biochemist). Bobbi woke up with Hunter by her side. There may be a chance that they give their relationship another go. Who knows, this power couple may even tie the knot again.

What are you looking forward to on this season of AOS?


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