Four Simple Braided Hairstyles

braid 2I have been loving braids recently. They’re so fun and they add a boho edge to your outfit, which I am a big fan of! Keep reading for four of my favorite braided hairstyles.

1. Half up half down Dutch braidDSC_0228

DSC_0217I like this hairstyle because it gives you a really effortless look. All you do is part your hair in the center, create a dutch braid on each side, and then pull them together in a low ponytail.

2. French pull through braidDSC_0028

DSC_0035This braid is super easy once you get the hang of it. It looks really impressive but all you’re doing is creating small ponytails and connecting them. However, it’s sort of difficult to explain so here’s a link to a tutorial because it’s a lot easier when you can see it done.

3. Side dutch braid with wavesDSC_0062

DSC_0061Side braids are great if you’re in a hurry. I paired this side braid with some loose waves, and it gives a really romantic look.

You may have noticed that I’ve been using Dutch braids. I think they just look a bit more voluminous than traditional (French) braids, you’re basically just creating the braid by twisting the strands outward instead of inward.

4. Halo braidDSC_0224

DSC_0211I think halo braids are so cute but they do take a bit of practice. The braid gets a bit more difficult to keep neat when you get to the back of your head, and your arm may start to ache a little bit (mine certainly did), but the end result is adorable!

What’s your favorite braided hairstyle?


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