Fragrance Review: Pistachio Brulee

DSC_0205I recently picked up one of the Urban Outfitters Gourmand fragrances so I decided to do a quick little review on it.

Notes: milk, vanilla mouse, pistachio, & vanilla bean.

As you’ve probably already guessed, this a really sweet scent. However, it does die down after a couple of minutes and you get more of the pistachio and less vanilla. It’s definitely a daytime scent; it isn’t too complex or deep. Just light and sweet.

I was hoping for it to have a better staying power but after about an hour or so it’s undetectable (unless you douse yourself in it). But I sort of figured that would be the case because the scent only cost $18. The wear of it is more like a body spray than an Eau De Parfum.

This fragrance range fromΒ Urban Outfitters has other scents including: Citron Glace, Macaron Rose, Cote Des Palmes, & Fluer Monoi. Although I do love luxury scents I like that these are so affordable and that I don’t have to commit to paying 60 plus dollars for it. Plus I love how simple and pretty these bottles are, it’s a great addition to my perfume tray!



  1. This is my favorite scent and wish it would last longer. do you or anyone have a perfume that smells like this that will give me full day fragrance? thank you πŸ™‚


  2. I LOVE pistachio scented stuff – I had the Laura Mercier souffle and it was heavenly (but it was very strong / overwhelming). I read somewhere that you can apply a thin layer of vaseline to help perfumes last longer – haven’t tried it myself but maybe give it a shot?

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