My Summer Favorites!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I want to share a few things that I have been loving recently.DSC_0211

First I want to talk about my new favorite pair of sunnies! I bought them online from and they’re from the brand Quay Australia. I learned about this about this through the collaboration that Shay Mitchell did with them. I love her and everything that she wears so I was automatically intrigued.

Mine are in the style Kitti and the color that I got was leopard; they came out to $40. Quay has styles that make more of a statement but I went for these because cat eye’s always work for my eye/face shape. They feel really sturdy and well made, and they come with a really nice case to keep them in, which is a big bonus!

DSC_0222If ever there was a perfect scent for summer it’s Oceane by Outremer. I got this bottle from Anthropologie for $10. It’s the perfect size to toss in your handbag and spray throughout the day.

The scent is not long lasting, but because it’s an inexpensive novelty fragrance I don’t really mind. It’s light, fresh, and reminds me of the ocean without smelling overtly salty or like suntan lotion.

DSC_0206Next I want to mention a bikini that I got from Aerie. The shape of the top is so cute! It has a high neck line and straps that cross in the back to add a bit more interest to the top. The bottoms are simple and full coverage, which I like. Oh and the print and texture of the set is awesome as well! I’ve never been attracted to Aerie bikinis. I always find that they’re too plain, but this one did me well throughout the summer!

DSC_0226Lastly I want to mention the IT Haircare 12-in-one leave in treatment. I love products that make my life easier. The less time that I have to spend fussing with my hair the better. It makes your hair soft, helps to retain moisture, and keeps it protected from heat damage. I’m not really sure about all 12 of the claims but it’s a good product nonetheless.


  1. I recently received Quay sunglasses in my Popsugar box and while the frame feels like it doesn’t suit my face I still wear them lol. I’ve never heard of the brand either but I do like them and hope to buy another pair that actually suits my face and personality aka the leopard ones you got 😻😻😻 xoxo Janet

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