Summer Sale Buys!

DSC_0128Hello everyone! I know I just posted a haul recently but I wanted to share a few things that I picked up at Ulta and Bath & Body Works. Ulta had a buy one get one %50 off sale recently and Bath & Body Works is still having their semi-annual sale.

I’ll start with the items that I got from Ulta.

DSC_0155 I’ve wanted to try the Real Techniques brushes for so long and I finally relented and got the foundation brush as well as the blush brush. I’ve been a viewer of Sam & Nic for years and I love these brushes. They are super soft and they give you a really flawless finish. Please excuse the fact that they’re dirty I couldn’t stop myself from testing them!

DSC_0149I also got a few products from NYX while I was at Ulta. I got the Propel My Eyes mascara, which is really lengthening and also does a good job of seperating your lashes. I also picked up the Micro Brow Pencil which is my new favorite eyebrow product, it’s great if you like your lashes to look really natural. The tiny, waxy pencil makes it a breeze to replicate the look of individual eyebrow hairs. The last thing that I got was the NYX Cream Shadow in the color deep blue.

DSC_0142Yesterday I went to theΒ  Bath & Body Works sale and the candles were super cheap. A lot of the three wick candles are %50 off and they’re usually $22.50. I love the suntan scent because it’s so summery and fun. I didn’t think I’d like it when I first picked it up but it’s actually really nice.

DSC_0139I also got a few mini candles because they were only $2.00. The Lilac Blossom is such a pretty, feminine scent and the Lemon Mint Leaf is a really fresh and much more of a gender neutral scent.

DSC_0146The last things that I bought were these two products from the Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea range. They were $4.00 each, which you can’t beat and the scent is really lovely.

That’s all I got! Have any of you guys hit up any good sales lately? If not, the Bath and Body Works sale is still on if you’re a candle junkie like me haha!


  1. Nice haulage! πŸ˜›
    The RT blush brush is gigantic, it’s really nice for creating a nice gradient flush cheek look. How do you like them so far?
    I like the mini candles with the lids – I keep one near me in the watermelon lemonade scent and take a whiff if I want to feel uplifted!
    I got the BBW aloe gel body lotion to give it a try since I’ve heard the formula is really nice for the summer – it was 50% off. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks!!!!
      I really like them so far! They make applying foundation and blush so quick and flawless!
      I love lighting candles or just sniffing one when I need a little boost of positivity myself!!!
      I haven’t tried the aloe vera gel but it sounds perfect for summer!

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  2. Great post! I was just at Ulta yesterday to pick up a few items… couldn’t resist getting some more NYX stuff since it was all 40% off. I really want to try the Real Techniques brushes at some point because they seem like a great value. Hope you get a chance to visit my blog as well!

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    • I can’t ever resist a good deal! I for sure recommend the Real Techniques brushes, especially when Ulta has an offer on!
      I’ll definitely visit your blog thanks for stopping by πŸ˜„

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