DIY Hand Chain: Festival Season Style

DSC_0059Festival season is in full swing! Although I was not fortunate enough to be among the masses of people that flooded the California dessert this weekend, I did spend a considerable amount of time on Instagram style stalking the event (don’t even lie you know you did too ;). One trend that I saw in some of the pictures were hand chains.

People had them effortlessly worked into their outfits to give an ultra cool bohemian vibe. I noticed how simple they were and decided to make on myself out of some old pieces that I had lying around.

Keep reading for a tutorial so that you can make your own hand chain!

What you need:

DSC_0014DSC_0017How to make it:DSC_0019DSC_0020

DSC_0021DSC_0027You’re done!!!

DSC_0048Here’s how I accessorized mine!

DSC_0051Thanks for reading!!! xxx


  1. Thank you for sharing this DIY! I’ve wanted a hand chain for so long, but did not know how to make one (and did not want to buy one, lol). Now I can put my stash of jewelry chains to use! πŸ™‚

    – Sharifa –

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    • Thanks K! That’s a really good point, this way you get a bracelet that is customized to fit your hand perfectly!
      The link up was really cool! It was the first one I’ve done and I checked out some of the other blogs as well. It’s such a cool way to discover new blogs!!!


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