Leather Nova Product Review

DSC_0067747I was kindly given three products to review by Leather Nova. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I have been wearing my riding boots non-stop for the past few weeks and they’ve picked up quite a bit of dirt along the way.

This brand uses non-toxic ingredients in their products so I was also happy that I wouldn’t be putting any harsh chemicals anywhere near my body. The shipping was pretty quick and every one of the products comes with an applicator which was very convenient.

I started by using the Leather Cleaner on one of my boots. It was very effective and dried rather quickly. I didn’t have to rub very hard to get the leather clean but it did leave the surface looking a bit ashy.

I moved on to the Leather Conditioner on the same shoe. This product brought the surface of the shoe back to life that I had used the leather cleaner on. The drying time was around forty minutes and it didn’t look shiny in any way it just looked as if the leather was returned to the natural, supple state that is was in when I bought the boots.

The last product that I tried was an all in one product, the Cleanser & Conditioner. This product cleans your leather as well as holds the renewing properties of the Leather Conditioner. This product did everything that it claimed to do.

After using the first two products on one shoe and the Cleanser & Conditioner on another shoe I really couldn’t tell the difference. To be honest, if you are planning on buying these products I would recommend buying the Cleanser & Conditioner over buying the Cleanser and Conditioner as separate products. You save money, and time because you get the benefits of both products in one.

The products are also very versatile as you can use them on your car interior, furniture, handbags, or any other leather goods. You can buy these products on Amazon or on their website.

*I was sent these products in exchange for my honest opinion*


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