Capturing the Beauty of Your Everyday {Kait Marie Photography}

IMG_0811_KaitMariePhotography_Norfolk_Virginia_Child_PhotographerHey guys, my name is Kait Entsminger and I am the brains behind the camera over at Kait Marie Photography. I’m guest blogging for Lauren today!

You might think it’s counter intuitive for a person whose profession is to photograph people to be telling you to take your own photos, but you really can capture at-home memories yourself. Yeah, I know, maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot, but let’s be honest, you’re not going to hire someone to photograph your child eating breakfast or playing sidewalk chalk on a Tuesday after school. Those are memories you can capture yourself! What I’m not doing is saying you should never have a professional photo shoot because those photos are important in an entirely different way. There’s my shameless profession plug πŸ˜‰ haha
IMG_0862_KaitMariePhotography_Norfolk_Virginia_Child_PhotographerLet’s start by thinking about your every day routine and not just going through the motions, but paying attention to details. Doing this will help you find the beauty in everything and will really enrich your life–helping you appreciate average things for how beautiful they are.
Do you see a gleam of light coming through your window and into your daughters perfect brown hair as she’s concentrating so hard on her coloring book at the kitchen table? Do you notice her tiny feet dangling from her chair under the kitchen table? Is your dog under the table desperately waiting on some table scraps to fall to the floor as your no doubt messy toddler eats his breakfast? Does your child have the longest curliest eyelashes any human could ask for? Those are the little details you will want to remember as they grow up, turn into teenagers and move on to the next stage of life. These are the things I’m talking about!
Some of the most “mundane” moments to you will become some of your children’s best memories.IMG_0776_KaitMariePhotography_Norfolk_Virginia_Child_Photographer

One of my best memories with my brother was on a hot summer afternoon playing in our backyard with out little bare toes in the cool grass and bleach blonde toe head hair. It was just a normal summer day playing outside the cozy home we grew up in, but to me, that’s a major childhood memory. Mom just happened to snap some photos of us on her film camera and those photos, for us, fully captured what childhood summer was to us.

Β You may be saying something like, “well I don’t have a fancy camera” or “I don’t have a camera at all”. Well you don’t need a fancy camera! Everyone these days has an iPhone or a phone with a great camera built right in. This can work great for you until you can invest a couple hundred bucks into a little digital camera. There are so many great apps out there for the “iPhone-ographer” in you. Just a few apps that you should check out are Aviary and Camera Awesome. These apps can make your iPhone images shine and become something you may even want to print!

What I’m saying is that these memories are so important to capture for your benefit and for the benefit of your family. And you can do it yourself! You can capture those sweet smiles and cuddles without being a professional. Just give it a shot. I’m going to challenge you to take some of these “lifestyle” photos this week and then come on over to my Facebook fan page and share with me by posting on my wall! I’ll be sharing some of your posts to encourage my clients to do the same thing!IMG_0889_KaitMariePhotography_Norfolk_Virginia_Child_Photographer

Β That’s it from me folks. I just want to say a HUGE “thank you” to Lauren for collaborating with me and letting me guest blog for her. Be sure to head over to my blog to see her guest post too! You can also keep up to date with me by following my Facebook page.
*All photographs used in this post are the property of Kait Marie Photography


  1. I don’t have kids (just my fur babies) but I do agree with your message. I have always tried to capture those everyday moments because those are the memories you will want to look back on. I still pull out my photo albums from high school to remember all the good times.


  2. As a fellow photographer, I really like the advice to non-professionals! There’s no reason why you can’t capture memories in your own home & have good looking photographs!

    Liked by 1 person

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