Easy Yarn Wall Decor

The other day I wanted to spice the decor in my room and I was feeling inspired by Native American/rustic decor so I decided to embark on another DIY project.

I did three separate projects that were all super simple to do and they were also affordable, I spent about $20 on all three projects because I already had most of the tools at hand and some were free!

The first project is a bit more difficult because you have to weave it; this one took me a couple of hours. However, the other two are easy breezy. Here are some pictures of the finished products! Keep reading to fid out how to make them!DSC_0284 DSC_0281 DSC_0302

Project 1: Woven Wall Hanging

What you’ll need

  • Yarn (in assorted colors)
  • A piece of wood (make sure that you pick one from your yard that is sturdy but not too bulky)
  • tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut 10 pieces of yarn that are 60 inches in length, all in the same color.

Step 2: Fold each piece of yarn in half and tie the yarn to your piece of wood by looping it at the top and pulling it through to form a simple knot.

Step 3: Straighten out the pieces of yarn and tape the bottom of your yarn to the surface that you are working on. Tape down the sides of your wood as well for a bit of extra stability.

Step 4: Choose a different color of yarn and tie it to the pair of yarn that is furthest to the right.

Step 5: Begin weaving your new color in and out of your original pieces of yarn until you reach the left side, then repeat this process until your new piece of yarn runs out.

Step 6: When it ends tie it to whatever side you end on to close it.

Step 7: Begin to scrunch your weaved yarn upwards until you cannot see any visible gaps in your woven pattern.

Step 8: Repeat the whole process starting from step 4 using as many colors as you want to include in your woven wall hanging.

Step 9: I left a four inch gap in my weaving and added some yarn pom poms by folding five pieces of the beige colored yarn and forming a loop so that I could tie it on. For each pom pom I tied it onto two pairs of my original yarn.

Step 10: Straighten the pom poms out and cut them so that they are somewhat even in length.

Step 11: Un-tape the end pieces of your weave and tie them together to create a fringe-like effect.

Step 12: All that’s left to do is clean up all the loose pieces of yarn on your weave and make sure that your project is nice and neat. The side that you have been working on will be the back of the weave as the other side will be much neater.

tee dress-001

Project 2: Yarn Photo Frame

What you’ll need

  • Yarn
  • Thumbtacks
  • Photos
  • Scissors

Step 1: Form a triangle using your yarn and thumbtacks.

Step 2: Add your photos onto the perimeter using paper clips.

Step 3: Put extra thumbtacks in to keep the shape of the triangle as needed.DSC_0302

Project 3: Asymmetrical Wall Hanging

What you’ll need

  • Piece of wood
  • Yarn (in an assortment of colors)
  • scissors

Step 1: Using 60 inch pieces of yarn fold each piece of yarn in half and tie the yarn to your piece of wood by looping it at the top and pulling it through to form a simple knot (just as we did in the first project).

Step 2: Change yarn colors as you wish to create whatever pattern you desire.

Step 3: Hang it on the wall and cute the bottom of the yarn into whatever shape you want. You can even it out and just keep it straight or you make it asymmetrical as I did.

DSC_0282I hope you enjoyed this DIY project!!!

xoxo Lauren


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    • Thank you Mary!!!! It definitely added some interest to my space and a really nice pop of color!
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