The Most Epic Baking Fail EVER

I guess that you could say I’m experimental cook. I love to try out new things. If I see a recipe on a blog or on the internet that sounds appealing I’ll go out and get the ingredients and try my hand at it.

Sometimes this works. I give it a go, and the dish comes out wonderfully. Then there are other times, the times when things go oh so wrong.

If you are a fan of UK beauty bloggers then you’ve probably heard of Tanya Burr. She has a popular blog and Youtube channel and it always mentioning her famous triple chocolate cookies. She made an instructional video and also did a blog post on them. I’d been wanting to make them for awhile and decided to bake them last night.

When I was mixing the cookies it was all going well. It was a glorious bowl of chocolate goodness.DSC_0018-001Then I transferred the cookies onto my pan and I thought they looked a bit big and were kind of gooey but then I checked her blog post and they looked pretty similar to Tanya’s. So I popped them in the oven and set my timer.

DSC_0026-001After eleven minutes I walked back to my kitchen to retrieve my delicious chocolate cookies and this is what I found……

DSC_0028-001Dun dun dunnnn!!!

What you are looking at is a disgustingly misshapen pile of chocolate poop. I was so shocked when I saw them I covered my mouth and then just dissolved into a fit of laughter.

It wasn’t just that they got a little burnt or the cookies bled together. Nope, it all congealed into one burnt, horrible, blob. Like I don’t think that they could’ve come out any worse.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I made some mistakes while converting the recipe from grams. I’m not sure what I got wrong but it’s apparent that I got something extremely wrong.

But hey, sometimes you’re just trying to make some cookies on a Sunday night and instead you end up with something that looks like it been run over. You’ve just got to laugh and try again next time. Although I don’t think that I’ll be converting any recipes any time soon.


  1. I love Tanya! Exactly because of the gram measurements, I bought a kitchen scale. No need to convert amymore, just weigh and go! Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you will try again and share your success on your blog 🙂


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