5 Tips for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Processed with VSCOcamHey guys! Over the past couple of months my hair has seen a major recovery. It was chemically treated, very fragile, and not growing. People who know me have been asking me how I got my hair in such good condition, so today I’ll be sharing the steps that I take for healthy hair.

1. Get your H2O in

DSC_0959Healthy hair starts from the inside out. Water is important for a lot of other reasons, but it is proven to improve the state of your hair. It ensures that your hair remains hydrated on the inside, water also heightens your bodies ability to absorb nutrients.

2. Add Omega-3 fatty acids to you dietDSC_0948Omega-3 fatty acids improve the texture and strength of your scalp and hair. My hair has definitely started growing since I have added chia seeds to my diet, they are a plant based food that is rich in Omega 3’s. You can get Omega 3’s from many sources including fish and eggs but I find that chia seeds are the easiest to incorporate into my diet on the daily basis.

3. Take advantage of the natural benefits of coconut oilDSC_0949Coconut oil has many benefits. You can cook with it, use it to moisturize you body, but my favorite way to use it is as a hair mask. Before washing my hair I coat my scalp and strands of hair in the oil and let it absorb for anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on how much time I have. My hair is much shinier and softer afterwards. It’s so cost efficient and a natural alternative to other hair products.

4. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free

DSC_0936Sulfate free is the way to go. Sulfates are a cheap foaming additive that you will find in many bath and body products, but they dry your hair out and make it more prone to breakage. My favorite sulfate free brand is called Theorie, but any sulfate free line will do.

5. Protect you hair when you style it

DSC_0955This step is so important and a lot of people overlook it. I try to use heat as little as possible but when I do, I make sure that I use heat protection. This will reduce the amount of damage and stress that your hair will undergo when you are styling it.

That’s it folks! I hope you found some helpful tips in this post!


  1. love this post!! I am currently dealing with effects blonde had on my hair and am doing most of what you suggested and have noticed a great difference! I never heard of the shampoo company before so I’ll be sure to look into that.

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    • I definitely understand the struggle! Nursing your hair back to health takes awhile but it’s super worth it!
      It’s such a good brand, I always find it at TJ Maxx and it goes for like $8 per bottle!


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