Sugar Plum Fairy Inspired Nails

After hearing so many bloggers rave about the Nails Inc. polishes I decided to pick one of them up. I went for the color Mayfair Lane from the Nailkale line.

DSC_0397It’s a gorgeous ballerina pink color. When I saw it I was instantly drawn to it. It’s a subtle statement that reminded me of the soft pink colors that the dancers in the Nutcracker have in their costumes. I also love colors like this because they look so classic on the nails. This frosty pink is beautiful for the winter season and a little different from the darker shades that are normally worn during this season.


The first time that I wore it I did not the it applied at all. I just sort of slapped it on and didn’t take my time with the application. This time around I applied a base coat first, let it dry completely, and then applied two very thin coats of the polish.


I only had to apply two coats of the polish for it to be completely opaque. Once it dries it does have a natural shine, but I applied a top coat just to make sure that the polish lasted as long as it could without chipping.


Overall I really liked this polish and would definitely buy more colors from Nails Inc. The only thing that I didn’t care for was the shape of the brush and the handle. The large silver cap on the bottle pops off and you are only left with a small black stub to hold onto which makes applying the polish a little more difficult.

The brush itself is also on the small side. I normally go for brands that have wider brushes. I was still able to make this brush work and enjoyed the end result.

I really think that this shade captures that delicate pink color that instantly makes you think of prima ballerinas.

What colors will you be wearing this winter?


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