DIY Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season isn’t all about gifts but giving someone a present just shows them that you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate them. I know that I definitely can’t afford to go out and buy super extravagant gifts for all of the people that I love so today I’m sharing 3 cost effective DIY gift ideas! Enjoy!

1. Sharpie Mug

DSC_0668I already made a detailed tutorial on how to make these mugs here. They make great gifts because you can really personalize them for the person that you are making it for.

2. Recipe in A Jar

DSC_0686This one is pretty self explanatory lol. You just get a jar (I got this one from the dollar store) and fill it up with the dry ingredients for something that will be fun for your loved one to bake. I chose my mom’s chocolate chip recipe. After I layered the dry ingredients in the jar I added on a cute chalkboard label, put a cute string of bells on the rim, and tied the directions for the cookies onto it.

3. Succulent PlantDSC_0716I love the idea of giving something that is living as a gift. Every time that they water it they will think of you and succulents are so low maintenance that they can keep it alive even if they don’t have a green thumb. Plus tiny things are just so cute! I got the plant from a hardware store and arranged it in this glass orb that I got from the dollar store.

I hope you enjoyed this post! More holiday posts are on their way this week so stick around 🙂


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