I Just Wanted to Let You Know, You’re Pretty Fantastic

20140827_192552Hey you. Yes, you reading this post. In case you forgot I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. Congrats because you are the only, and therefore the best you out there.

I had a Christmas related post but in line for today but I decided to postpone it until next week. Lately I’ve been surrounded with so much negativity that I just had the urge to put something positive and raw on my blog today. For a time of year that people are supposed to be spreading good will and cheer I have been encountering an unseasonable amount of judgment and hate.

Here on the internet, people in my life, and especially the news have all been full of negative energy. Instead of trying to understand one another people just seem content to condemn and disregard other people. One big thing that I’ve learned as I have grown as a person is that there will be many people who try to build themselves up by tearing you down and judge you. However, you do not have to let their judgments define you.

You are unique, complex, flawed, and freaking amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re feelings or wishes are irrelevant or trivial. You are the only person who decides who you are.

My name is Lauren. I love sci-fi/fantasy, deplore green peas, and am determined to make this world a better place for everyone not just myself. I truly believe that there can be so much more harmony among people if we all take the time to accept that we are all different and that’s okay.

There are a million different likes, dislikes, experiences, and choices that make you who you are. Respect that you have a right to be yourself but also respect that everyone else also has their own million little things that make them different from you.

I may not know the people who are reading this post but that doesn’t change the truth of what I’m saying. You matter. Period. Embracing yourself with all of your strengths and flaws is what true beauty is.

*Totally off topic, but next week I will be posting six times instead of my usual three posts. Expect two posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All holiday themed!


  1. Haha it was a great tangent lol! I know what you mean, sometimes you just need time to get comfortable with yourself. My heart fell a little bit when I read how it hurts your son when people say mean things. I think we all need to hold onto that kind of hopeful view of the world that we have as kids. It baffles me as well when people are so quick to say that they “hate it when other people….” most of the things that follow that statement are so trivial. You have a wonderful weekend as well Janet! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  2. Great post! I agree their is way too much negativity out there in the world. Nothing drives me crazier when I hear someone say they don’t like a person (they never met) or don’t like a /food/thing/place (without trying it or going there) ahhhh! Everyone is different and while it’s hard to open other people’s eyes I am happy I have my son. He is 7 and explaining judging something or someone without giving it/them a chance doesn’t really make sense when it hurts him when someone says something about him that isn’t true. It’s like everyone has their own opinion which is like you said ok, but I try to tell him form your own opinion but make sure it’s your own. I am very eccentric and love a lot of different things and it didn’t take until high school to form true friendships I have today. Being different is a ok and while it can be lonely, the world is huge and there will always be people out there with similar interests it just takes searching. Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent, but it just hit home. Have a great weekend! xoxox Janet PS Jo and I love sci-fi/fantasy too! I love taking my son to conventions and dressing up lolol

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