#Millennial and Proud!


My generation is always the receiving end of so much flack whether it’s criticizing our social media dependency, or calling us entitled and self obsessed, we continue to get the cold shoulder from older generations. Most millennials are so used to this type of dismissive treatment that most have started to apologize or turn to making fun of their own behavior in response. Well, enough is enough. While I also fall back on self-deprecating humor at times to cope with being judged by others I’m not going to apologize for who we are anymore.

No, my generation is not perfect but we’re people just like everyone else. We have many flaws but we also have a hell of a lot to be proud of. My peers are questioning, demanding, and not content with the standing by while others are taken advantage of. We have taken to using technology and social media as tools for social awareness and making issues so public that the world cannot continue to live in ignorance anymore. For example, the #Blacklivesmatter twitter movement has acted as a way to convey instances of racism in various parts of America and the unrest that was sparked in Ferguson and broadcast these crimes to the world. Our social media outlet are not controlled by mainstream media which makes them the perfect thing for disenfranchised groups to use for their advantage.

Many of the things that other people hate about our generation can be looked at in a positive light. It always astounds me when people are like “toddlers know how to use cell phones, what is the world coming to!” As if humans becoming more intelligent and technologically inclined is a travesty. Hello people, it’s called evolution! Get with it or be extincted.

Or the constant complaints that we are so much more vain and self-centered than other generations. People have always been concerned with the way that they looked and desired to be seen by the rest of the world. We have turned this desire to be seen into a creative expression. Heck, we’ve even made careers out of posting videos on You Tube and Vine; changing the media industry in ways that nobody ever thought possible.

We do things differently than other generations but change and progress do not need to be feared. Whether it’s your race, religion, sexual orientation, or age; you don’t need to apologize for a damn thing. We are who we are and we own it. I am millennial. I take selfies, photograph my food, stand up for what I believe in, listen to chillwave, and I’m not sorry for who I am. #Millennial and proud.



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