Nocte: Book Review

Image Credit: Courtney Cole Writes

I bought the Kindle version of Nocte by Courtney Cole without knowing much of anything about the plot. However the summary that the author provided was highly intriguing and the reviews were fairly positive so I decided to give it a go.

One thing that almost every review from had in common was the fact that they commented on how dark the novel was. This fact only drew me in more. Young adult literature so often steers clear of darkness, and depth in many cases.

I wasn’t disappointed. Nocte is very dark. The plot is an intricately woven gothic tale of a young woman named Calla who strives to be the savior of her twin brother Finn who suffers from mental illness. He relies on her to keep him grounded but she is equally dependent on him.

Calla is used to being ostracized; she lives in a funeral home run by her parents. It’s always been her and Finn against the world but things change in a matter of seconds due to a fatal accident.

After the accident the twins must rely on one another to stay sane more than ever. In the midst of this, Calla meets a handsome stranger named Dare who captivates her and leaves her with the lingering feeling that she already knows him.

Although Calla is consumed by unraveling her connection with Dare, Finn is plagued by his need to protect his secret. A secret so dark and troubling that he can’t even speak the words in his mind.

I thought that I had it figured out a few times but in the end I was wrong. This novel takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and plot twists.

I really think that she does the “new adult” genre. It definitely is a departure from YA fiction. She doesn’t censor the reader and I didn’t feel like I was reading something that had all of the meat of the story sucked out of it.

Cole lets you in all every dark turn in this novel, and I loved it. By the end of it I was dreaming of Dare, I would definitely recommend this novel to those who love a good mystery and aren’t afraid of a little darkness.

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