Macarons, Mini Haul, and a Book Review


For this Wild Card Wednesday post I decided to do an update post and pack a few things that I wanted to share with you into one post.

This past Saturday I turned 22, and being the older and wiser woman that I am after my 21st year of life I chose to have a relaxing and low-key birthday. On my 21st birthday I went out with a group of my friends just like many other young adults do on their 21st birthday and although I won’t go into great detail it ended in tears, annoyance, and a long walk home.

Honestly, after that the idea of wanting to have the greatest night out ever on my birthday just isn’t too appealing. I do enjoy going out but the best nights out for me have always been the unexpected ones when you don’t have expectations.

This year I went out for a nice brunch, did a bit of shopping, and had a “me” night.

I also changed things up by choosing to have macarons instead of a birthday cake.  I feel like birthday cake is such a waste. After a day or two, everybody is sick of eating it and it just goes to waste.

They were made by a baker named Nancy who owns a company called Magic City Macarons, and I must say that I was very happy with my choice to go with French pastries over a boring old cake.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the tasty little things!


The flavors that I had were Maple Bourbon, Early Grey, and Pistachio. I adore anything that is Earl Grey flavored but the Pistachio cookies were definitely my favorite.


Along with being adorable and tasty the cookies being French only makes me love them more because I just can’t get enough of French culture. The food, architecture, fashion, perfumeries, and seriously anything French just sucks me right in.


After dinner and dessert it was time to chill out and luckily I had some birthday treats that were perfect for a “me” night!


First are these super cute pj bottoms that I got from Target. They are baby blue, polka dotted, and comfy. What else do you need in a set of pajamas? I also just got them so if you have a Target near you they should be in stock.

Next I got a mini size of MAC Cleanse Off oil. I don’t know how I haven’t tried this before now. It literally melts away all of your makeup and it didn’t irritate my eyes at all.

While I was at TJ Maxx I found this amazing lotion made by Hempz Body Care. It makes your skin so soft but more importatntly when you put it on it smells so divine that I wanted to eat my own arm. For serious. I couldn’t find this exact product on their site but they do sell other scents.

Lastly is the book Just One Day by Gayle Forman. The book is about a young woman who takes a European trip before she starts university. Before the trip ends, she meets a mysterious young man and forms a connection with him that she can’t seem to shake even though she has only met him once.

This book is full of adventure, love, life lessons, and is overall just a fun easy read. Oh and did I mention that part of the book is set in Paris?


I hope you all have enjoyed this random post!!! What is your ideal birthday celebration?



  1. Happy belated birthday! My 21st birthday was on Easter so I didn’t go out (don’t think Jesus would have approved, lol). But at 26 I’ve found that for me, “me time” birthdays are so much better because you don’t waste money on drinks, don’t have to slap off nasty groping strangers at the club, don’t have a hangover, and don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants to do but you! And your ida to have macaroons was brilliant! I’m totally going to do that for my 27th next year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kaily 🙂
      Hahahaha OMG nope I don’t think he would have signed off on that one lol
      I know right! Sometimes going out is such a pain. “Me” time is definitely the better option. Oh and the lack of a hangover is another plus for sure!
      Definitely do macarons! It was such a fun alternative to cake!
      Thanks for reading xxx

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