Top 10 Favorite Radiohead Songs

20140911_190435My latest music obsession has been Radiohead. Their songs are so relaxing and cathartic. Every time that I listen to one of their songs I feel like I’m escaping everything around me.

Even though they are a standard in rock history I’m pretty new to the party. I’ve never disliked Radiohead but I was never able to call myself a true fan until now.

Every song is a gem but I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favorite Radiohead songs that would be great for anyone who is looking to get to know their music, or other fans who are interested in seeing what my favorite songs are. Each song is linked to a Youtube video. Happy listening!

1. How to Disappear Completely

2. Pyramid Song

3. Karma Police

4. Like Spinning Plates

5. All I Need

6. Talk Show Host

7. Everything in Its Right Place

8. 2+2=5

9. Weird Fishes

10. 15 Step


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