Fresh lip balms are da bomb!

I recently went into Sephora and was browsing through the aisles when I came across the Fresh Sweet Nudes value set. This brand is known for their beautifully packaged skincare and bath products, but their lip balms are the prized jewel of the brand. I’ve gone through a couple of tubes of their balms and at $22.50 per tube I always find myself cringing when I get to the register.

You may be thinking that I’m crazy for ever paying that much for a lip balm but once you try these balms I’m positive that you’ll be converted. They smell delicious and more importantly they leave your lips feeling luxurious.

The set costs $36. It comes with four deluxe sample sized lip balms and a deluxe sample of the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. The set is called Sweet Nudes and the colors range from being completely sheer to really pretty natural tints.




The festive packaging makes this a really great gift idea for the holiday season or you can just treat yourself like I did!



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