Jack Skellington Nails

This is more of a Fab Friday post but I figured I would put up a blog post on the Halloween themed nails that I did to give everyone some inspiration before Halloween this Friday.


I’m not going to lie, nail art is not my forte but this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired look is super easy and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Start off by painting a base coat on your nails. Let that dry completely then paint black and white on your nails, alternating the colors with each nail that you paint.

DSC_0447Next comes the fun part, painting Jack Skellington’s face onto the white nails. I went in directly with a black nail art brush and pressed the end of the brush onto the nail to make the eyes. They should be wide in order to get that sunken in effect.

Next dip a toothpick into some black polish to make dots for the nose.

After your eyes and nose are how you want them then go directly onto the nail and draw curved line towards the end of your nail to create the mouth.

The last step is to use a toothpick the draw lines on the mouth. It’s ok if they aren’t even or the same length. That just adds to the effect and makes them look even creepier!



Thanks for reading 🙂 xoxo

Comment below what your favorite Tim Burton film is! Mine is Sleepy Hollow!

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