Favorite Fall Lip Color

I adore red and plum lip products all year round, but especially for fall. This season Maybelline released their COLORsensational Matte Lipsticks and I recently picked up the color Divine Wine 695. Just like the name implies it is a gorgeous shade of red wine. I have nothing but love for this lipstick!

CYMERA_20141024_153839Because it’s a matte color it has great staying power. The color payoff is good so it went on completely opaque. It wasn’t too drying for me but I made sure that my lips were exfoliated before I applied the lipstick and I also had on a thin layer of lip balm.


 CYMERA_20141024_153951Here’s a photo of me wearing it! I wore it out all night without having to reapply and it held up really well. What is your favorite lip product at the moment, or you favorite color to wear during this time of year?


    • I do too! Besides the Divine Wine, I also have Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice, Craving Coral, Lush for Blush, and Siren in Scarlet. I might end up with the whole collection haha. 🙂


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