Liebster Award!


Thanks to the amazing and fabulous Glitter and Gloss I have been nominated for a Liebster Award.

If  a blogger is nominated and accepts the award they must follow these rules:

1. Answer ten questions given to you by the blogger that has nominated you.

2. Create ten questions of your own, and tag at least three more bloggers to answer the questions that you have compiled.

3. Link to the blogger that tagged you.

Here I are the questions that I was given to answer!

1. What is your favourite makeup look?

Winged liner paired with a bold lip!

2. What is your favourite skin care product?

Origins spot treatment.

3. What is your favourite highlighter?

Benefit Watt’s Up.

4. What is your favourite food?

Barbecue chicken pizza, or mongolian chicken.

5. What is your favourite MAC product?

Their lipstick in Rebel.

6. What is one beauty product that you can’t live without?


7. How often do you wear makeup?

Pretty much every day, although I do have my no-makeup-days!

8. Who is your favourite youtube guru?

Essie Button!!!! Hands down 🙂

9. If you were in Sephora right now, what would you pick up?

Benefit Push Up Eyeliner, or Fresh Sugar lip balm in Rose.

10. What is you favourite foundation brush?

My kabuki brush has never let me down!

Thanks again to Glitter and Gloss for tagging me!

The bloggers that I nominate are Jayson Flores, Maison Bentley Style, Julie Feng, Drown in Melancholy, and Annie!

Here are my questions:

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

2. If you could have any clothing designer create a custom piece for you who would it be?

3. What is your vacation spot?

4. Do you have a favorite beauty brand? If so, what is it?

5. What was the last movie that you saw and hated?

6. If you had the chance to have a private concert performed by any artist who would it be?

7. When you were younger what did dream of being when you grew up?

8. Do you prefer rainy or sunny days?

9. Chocolate, or gummy candy?

10. What would be the setting of your dream date?


  1. awww, lauren this was such a pleasant surprise! thank you so much, it means a lot to me that you’ve chosen to nominate me 🙂 hey, i have a girl crush on essie button as well 😛 she’s so down to earth and i love REGGIE! haha 🙂 thank you again love!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! Your blog and instagram posts are both so cute!!!! Making blogger friends is so rewarding 🙂 Oh and I love Essie, Aslan, and Reggie! They are the most adorable family and they live in London, my favorite city in the world!


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