Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Maze runner glade

On Friday I went to see The Maze Runner. I had been anticipating the release of the film for awhile now as I began reading the book series a few years ago. I was so excited to finally see the film, and I was not disappointed. Keep reading if you want to hear some of my thoughts about the move. Oh and don’t worry this review does not include spoilers!

For those of you who don’t know anything about the premise of the trilogy by James Dashner or the film, they are both set in the post-apocalyptic future and chronicle the journey of a group of kids who are trying to unravel the secrets of their world and stay alive. The main character Thomas awakens in a moving lift with no clue of his identity.

When he surfaces he is met by a group of boys who have also had their memories wiped and left to live in an enclosed space, which they call the glade. The group of rowdy boys have been systematically sent up to the maze over the course of three years with a new boy and supplies being sent up through the lift every month. The glade is surrounded by an unsolvable maze, and they believe that the only way to get out is The Maze Runner mainto solve the maze. When Thomas arrives things begin to change and the maze becomes more dangerous than ever.

Now on to what I thought about the movie. Let’s start with the cast. I absolutely Dylan O’Brien and I was really excited that he was portraying the lead character. He didn’t disappoint. His portrayal of Thomas was true to the character and he really pulled through in the dramatic points of the film that called for deep emotion.

I am also a huge fan of Kaya Scodelario, however, I thought that her performance as Teresa was kind of blah and just off. She is the only girl sent to the glade and like Thomas, her presence in the glade is a turning point for the gladers. I don’t know what it was but I just didn’t believe her character. This was really surprising because I have seen her give some great performances.

The plot was on track with Dashner’s story and I didn’t find that anything major was left out of the film as far as the plot goes.

The special effects of the film were up to par and the way that the creators portrayed the maze and the glade was much so much more amazing than what I had imagined.

All in all I was extremely pleased with the film. It was such a thrill ride and it really keeps you on your feet. I think that it translates to people who haven’t read the books as well; the friend that I went with hadn’t read the books, and she loved it.

The end of the film left me very excited for the Scorch Trials, so here’s to hoping the sequel is coming soon!






  1. At the end of the film I was a bit confused about how Gally ended up making it to the shaft to get out of the maze myself. The friend that I went with also commented on the unlikelihood of this. But we just kind of laughed about it.
    As far as Alby I think that the writers possibly wanted a way to make him more of an authority figure and explain why the rest of the boys fell into line instead of dissolving into anarchy with no adults or memories to guide them. I’m too bothered about the fact that they changed that part.
    I didn’t really pay attention to how many people were getting killed off but there were an extreme amount of deaths in the film so they will definitely have to slow down in the next film. Which I think will be ok because it could focus more on giving us answers.
    I really like this genre of novels. You know the whole dystopian, teens against the world deal. But for me it started to get a bit repetitive until this book. It was from the point of a male, which was different from a lot of the other books (not including The Giver) and it had an immense amount of action. I think that they really wanted to make the action a focal point to set it apart from a lot of the other films and books like this out right now. The death count is high and the world that the novels are set against is very dark. Darker than the other films of this genre, which made the action key.
    I enjoyed the book when I read it, and I enjoyed the film as well. I can definitely see that there were points that were changed about it but I’m glad that I could still view it semi-objectively. Hopefully the second film will be more conscious of not dropping plot connections.
    And let’s just thank the stars that it wasn’t as bad as the first Twilight movie hahaha! Thanks for sharing you thoughts 🙂


    • Really what were they?
      I personally didn’t see anything that altered the story line in a huge way, or changed it for the worse. But I didn’t re-read it before the movie.
      I go through a lot of books and I always like to see the screen adaptations of novels but I like to view it as its own piece of work.
      When novels get turned into books things are always changed. Sitting in the theater racking up every detail that isn’t the same as the book isn’t really my style.


    • I don’t normally either, but the major issues were:
      Gally: the fact that he stayed in the Glades instead of going to you know where was a major point in my opinion, and… How he got a spear through his chest… I’m sure he didn’t die, considering he’s in the second and third book, but you never know with movies.
      Alby: He was supposed to have been one of the first Gladers, along with Newt and Mihno. Sent with the original group of around 30. According to the movie, Newt said Alby was the very first, alone for the whole first month. And Alby’s death in the book had a little more purpose.
      The Key: Thomas and Teresa were sent to end The Maze trial. Accordig to the movie, it’s just one big coincedence that the Greiver died and a key fell out his butt. (Joking… lol)
      There are a few others… But.. Im distracted at work. I’ll be back. 😉


    • Oh, I forgot to mention the main reason why the time line with Alby wasn’t right with me, which also is is shown at the end. I counted 12 Gladers escaping, and 11 after Gally killed Chuck. At the end of the first book, there were twenty. I’m just worried about what they’re going to cut out or change in The Scorch Trials. If they keep the major action scenes, then they won’t really have anyone left. I guess after the shock wears down, I’ll like it a lot more. I’m actually still pretty excited to see where their version of this story goes.


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