MAC Holy Grail Products


Although I love stepping into MAC stores and checking out all of the new collections and products, there are certain products that I always seem to come back to. As a makeup junkie it’s rare that I repurchase products so I thought that I would share five of my all time favorite MAC products. There are close ups of all the products and details below. Enjoy!

DSC_0434 (2)Studio finish concealer in the shade NC45

This concealer is full coverage and when it is applied with a fluffy blending brush and set with a powder it lasts all day long! I recommend this anyone who wants a concealer to cover up dark spots or blemishes.

DSC_0436Mineralize blush in Love Joy

I love this blush because it is easy to apply and it blends well into the skin. Although it looks very pink in the photo. In real life the blush is actually a deeper shade of rose.

DSC_0440Eye shadow in Antiqued

This color is so dynamic. You can use it in the crease, all over the lid, as the base for a smokey eye, and underneath the lid. Antiqued is proof that brown shadows are not boring!

DSC_0442Eye shadow in Expensive Pink

This is a gorgeous shade that looks great on all skin tones. I would recommend this to girls who are just starting to grow their makeup collection. Or anyone that is searching for that perfect shimmery gold/pink shade.

DSC_0448Satin lipstick in Rebel

Without hesitation this is my favorite MAC lipstick. Every single time that I wear it I get so many compliments on it. While this shade is not for those who are afraid to take risks with lipstick, it looks striking on the lips and definitely makes a statement.



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