The Details on American Horror Story Freak Show

ahs freakshow


The fourth installment of the FX show American Horror Story is quickly approaching. The fourth season is entitled Freak Show and will premier on October 8, 2014. With only a few weeks left until this highly anticipated season premiers, the creators are working hard to keep the details of this season under wraps.

However, we do know a few things. Firstly it is set in the 1950 in the town of Jupiter, Florida.Ā  The cast is portraying one of the last freak show’s around. Many fan favorites are returning to the cast of the ahs-freak-show-castshow. Including Sarah Paulson playing a conjoined twin, Jessica Lange as the German ringleader of the show, Kathy Bates as the bearded lady, Evan Peters as Kathy’s son, Denis O’Hare as Jessica Lange’s rival who seeks to steal her performers, and many others.

The creators of the show have stated that this season will be a “period piece” and different to what they have done before. The horror factor in last season was very over the top and flashy in terms of special effects and camera work, and this season is set to be more understated in terms of the horror factor.

I am looking forward to Freak Show because season one was psychologically chilling, season two had a major gore factor, season three was sharp and thrilling, and I am excited to see what this season has in store for us.

After a series of teaser trailers, FX finally released a full length trailer entitled “Voyeur.” In the trailer the camera is traveling through the dressing rooms of the performers and we are given some hints into the personalities of the characters this season. I thought that this trailer was a very smart way to introduce us to this season because the experience of visiting aĀ  freak show in 1950 was extremely voyeuristic. Patrons would walk through the length of the performance space gazing at the oddities as they went.

What I love about American Horror Story is that we are always surprised because it is so different from anything else on television. From the actual show to the trailers, there is a cinematic element about the production of each season. It doesn’t seem rushed or cheap like many other horror shows. Although I must admit that season one is still my favorite, I cannot wait for this season to begin!

As a period piece they will no doubt bring the historical context into the story line as an added layer but on top of that will be the surreal horror elements of the show that we have all come to love.

Do any of you have predictions for what will happen in the upcoming season of American Horror Story?

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