Peter Capaldi as the new doctor


A new doctor has landed! Last week marked the debut of Peter Capaldi as the infamous lead of the time travel show Doctor Who. The announcement of Peter Capaldi as the doctor brought a lot of controversy. Some people felt that Capaldi was a bit…..seasond. Ok, they thought he was old. After the past three doctors people had gotten used to the face of the doctor being young and charming. Ever since Chris Eccleston portrayed the doctor in the reboot of the series, the actors have been getting younger and younger. But Capaldi fits the image of what the doctor used to look like in the earlier years of the show, sort of a father Christmas figure.

I can definitely see why many would be put off by Capaldi taking over the role after Matt Smith’s departure. A large majority of the Doctor Who fanbase is extremely young, they didn’t know of the doctor before the Chris Eccleston reboot. I am a member of this demographic. An older doctor just isn’t what we are used to. Sometimes you just need to give things time to appreciate them. Every time that the doctor regenerates I think to myself “I’ll never like the new doctor as much as this one.” But every single time I’ve been wrong. I come to love the fresh take that each actor brings to the role, and the change in the dynamic between the doctor and his companion.

In an interview he stated that he and Clara, the current companion, will not be romantically involved. He also made a point to say that this caused a bit of tension with the creators but he was adamant aboutjennapeter it. I for one think that this is a good decision. He and Clara are decades apart in age, and I think that Capaldi realized that in the doctor’s final days he wouldn’t be interested in spending his time flirting with a young pretty girl.

After watching last week’s episode I can’t wait to see what this new doctor has in store for the show. I think that Capaldi is the perfect fit for the doctor at this point in the story line. At the end of Matt Smith’s run the doctor paid a visit to his own grave.

Although the doctor has always given off an air of invincibility, we know that a time lord only has 13 regeneration cycles before they die. The doctor is now on his last cycle, and his seeing his grave has truly shown us that he will die. As sad as this is, it had to happen eventually. Nothing is everlasting, and mortality has been a running theme of the show. Even in time and space every story has a beginning and an end and I think that Capaldi will portray the last cycle of the doctor with excellence. He is sharp, calloused, and has the right amount of edge to play our current doctor.

This season the doctor will be darker and more determined than ever to make up for the enemies and the mistakes that he has made throughout his many lifetimes. I for one am ready for this change of pace. What do you think about the new doctor? Do you have a favorite doctor? If so, who?


  1. I agree about the Doctor having no romantic relationships – during the old series he was always very much an asexual figure. I’m not sure whether that’s too far to go, but it’ll definitely be a refreshing dynamic.

    Also, I think the Doctor now has a new set of regenerations after the events in The Time of the Doctor, doesn’t he?


    • I don’t think that’s a far stretch at all. His lack of romantic interest adds to the mystic of being the doctor and it brings back some of the original themes to the new generation of viewers.
      There may be a way around his regenerations. It was stated that the life that he had before becoming the doctor does count as a cycle, so he is definitely on # 13. I know that the 13 cycles has been mentioned throughout the series but I suppose the producers have never said anything official about the show ending after Capaldi.
      The writers are pretty clever and our fanbase isn’t ready to let it go so you may be right 🙂


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