Troye Sivan TRXYE: EP Review


If you don’t know who Troye Sivan is then you probably aren’t plugged into world of Youtubers. The eighteen year old Australian’s vlog channel has over two and a half million subscribers, but he does a lot more than just vlogging. He’s got a few acting credits under his belt including: the South African Spud film trilogy, as well as X-Men Origins. Even during the early days of his channel he discussed love for acting and music, and this August he released his first EP TRXYE.
Before I get into my thoughts about the tracks I want to say that I am a huge fan of Troye and like many others I love the fact that individuals who create content for online mediums such as Youtube are moving into the realms of mainstream media. John Green creating The Fault In Our Stars, Tyler Oakley getting presented with an award at the TCA’s, and Troye’s EP are just a few examples of people who began by making content independently on Youtube and used their online audience in order to move into mainstream media.
In terms of my opinion of the EP, I think that he has a lot of maturing to do as an artist. After listening to all of the tracks I wasn’t floored by any of them. They were all catchy, well-constructed, and simple. All pop based tunes with a little hint of electronic elements. But there was no spark.
Who is he as an artist? I couldn’t tell you from listening to this selection of tracks. It’s understandable that a nineteen year old doesn’t have a firm grip of who they are as a person or artist, I didn’t at that age. Like all creative people I think that he is learning as he goes.
Happy Little Pill” was the most successful track on the EP. However, just looking at the comment section for the music video shows that his young audience isn’t ready for him to talk about mature themes. The song discusses substance abuse, depression, and escapism. Though the opinions are mixed, this may be why the rest of the songs on the EP shy away from these themes completely. Before he releases an album I think that he needs to reach a little deeper into his creative juices, and not be afraid to pour himself into his songs and take risks.

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