Hemlock Grove Season 2 Review: Part 2

The first half of this review got a bit long-winded so I thought that I’d do something a bit different for this half. I’m going to separate my thoughts into two sections. The things that I was disappointed in from this season and the parts of the show that I loved.


1. Olivia wanting to have her humanity back. There was just something really unnatural about her wanting to be a good person. Badass Olivia is definitely the way to go. She is a great example of a love-to-hate kind of character.

One her most powerful assets is that she’s in it for herself, but we saw her have moments of weakness especially with her strained relationship with Norman. Even though Norman was total in the right for hating her, I didn’t like that she was giving him the power to hurt her. Thankfully, she made a powerfulΒ  come back in the last episode!

2. Destiny’s lack of character development. I know that she plays an important role in the show of being the character that has the insight into the gypsy/supernatural world, but I wish that she had more depth than just being Peter’s cousin who shows up to warn him about the dumb decisions that he ends up making anyway.

3. The freaky love triangle.Β  I just did not find this believable at all. First Miranda almost gets run off the road, then she gets stuck in the Twilight Zone (aka Hemlock Grove), she starts breast feeding a baby that is mysteriously hidden away in a secret sound proof room, begins sleeping with two men that she finds out are best friends, and then initiates group sex between them. This is clearly logical.

Yes I know that Miranda played a large part in bringing their emotional and rational sides out during all of the chaos that was ensuing but the threesome and the completely awkward conversation that happened before it was just painful to watch.


1. We learn more about the many secrets of season 1. Especially the ones that involve Dr Price. We see why Olivia depends on him and why she doesn’t feed on humans. As well as, the pretty impressive research that has led him to create a human being inside of a lab.

I was also happy to learn more about what it means to be an Upir and how Olivia came to be in human society. The religious order turned out to be the ones who initiated a truce between themselves and the Upir race, which was a clever way to bring together the dots.

2. Along with being introduced to new characters we also saw minor characters from last season take a larger role in this season. Miranda came in, Dr. Price stepped up, and Norman had his final stand.

Peter and Roman were given a chance to mature. They were both out of high school and thrust out into the real world. Though they were major characters last season, we saw them battling the demons inside themselves and facing their true nature. In the promo reels for this season one of the taglines was “even demons have demons” and this really rang true for this season. Peter and Roman had to confront the darkness within head on.

3. In general the show was just better. The quality of the script, effects, and level of horror was far greater than it was last season. I think that the creators of the show want to see it go far.

It also just felt different. Last season the town as a whole played a much larger part in the story line. We saw many different Hemlock Grove residents of varying walks of life working to try and find the killer that was destroying the town. This season the boys are relatively isolated and on their own in uncovering the mystery at hand.

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