Hemlock Grove Season 2: Review Part 1


Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! You’ve been warned. Please proceed to the rest of this article if you’ve already wrapped up the season and are interested in hearing my thoughts, or if you just don’t mind it when tv shows are spoiled.

You may be thinking “the show has only been available for about a week!” I know, I’m a serial binge watcher and I’m not ashamed. I’ve got a lot to say about this season so I’ve split the review into two parts.

The Netflix original series uncovers the dirty secrets of the inhabitants of Hemlock Grove, a fictional Pennsylvania town. Shady medical experiments that go awry, supernatural forces, and a bit of backstabbing/good old family drama make this sleepy town more than meets the eye.

This season of Hemlock Grove was definitely worth the wait, as well as hemlock-groveworth the late nights that I spent watching it. This season was just ten episodes, but the production value as well as the amount of gore was kicked up a few notches.

Like many shows, the look and the quality of the character progression was improved in this season. At the end of the first season Litha had died in childbirth, the big bad turned out to be a tiny little girl named Christina, Peter skipped town, Shelley skipped town, and Roman bit off his mothers tongue when he found out that she tricked him into impregnating his own cousin.

When season 2 opens we find that Peter and his mother are still bouncing around from place to place. That is until the government busts the funeral that they are attending in order to make an example out of Peter’s mother. In order to send a message to the gypsy community to behave, Linda is taken into custody and locked up in jail due to a string of slightly ridiculous small time crimes that she has committed over the years.

Roman has assumed control of the company and lost control of his Upir nature. His need for blood is finally coming to the surface and though he attempts to master it, he soon begins to get sloppy and struggles because the one person who can help him is Olivia. He is also struggling to take care of his daughter, who unbeknownst to the public survived birth.

We are introduced to a new character, Miranda. A woman who is on the move from her past and while passing through Hemlock Grove gets stuck due to a car accident and a lack of money to leave. She lands on Roman’s doorstep with a bleeding head and her warm nature somehow saves her from being drained by Roman. He feels a connection towards her and she ends up temporarily living at his home.

As for the supporting characters, let’s start with Olivia. She is in rehabilitation from her run in with Roman. Her tongue is newly attached thanks to Dr. Price, and she is givenΒ  a more humble outlook on life.Β  Dr. Price has new assistant in his lab that stirring things up and is still on the move to continue his wild medical experiments. Norman is finally coming to terms with the deaths of his daughter and granddaughter, along with his divorce from his wife. Last but not least, Shelley is on the run from the law and surviving on her own for the first time in her life.

When Peter’s mother is taken into custody he returns to Hemlock Grove to ask for Roman’s help. However, this doesn’t go over so well. Roman is impulsive and unstable and, Peter leaving hurt him and when he shows up on his doorstep Roman isn’t in the mood to let go his grudge.

Now that they are back together, Peter and Roman begin to have the same dreams again. This time the clues are leading them to solve a series of murders disguised as accidents. Last season Roman was the one pushing to unlock the reason behind they’re shared connection but the bad blood between them has made Roman hesitant to work with Peter. This causes Peter to take on more than he can handle and he sets out to solve the mystery.

I was happy to see that the characters were all in different places. Last season the creators of the show seemed to hide behind melodrama instead of revealing valuable information to the audience. If you ended last season wanting more explanations for the history of the characters and the mythology then you’ll be happy to know that we learn a little bit more about Upir’s and about the Price’s top secret experiments at the White Tower.

In the second half of this review I’ll give you my thoughts on how the season wrapped and I what I’m looking forward to for season 3!






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