Penny Dreadful: End of Season 1


I don’t know if I am the only one who feels like the series just began but somehow we have made our way to the end of season 1 of Penny Dreadful. I suppose that it felt so short because they only had 8 episodes, but it has already been renewed for a second season that will have 10 episodes.

If you don’t know anything about the show I’ve got an earlier post where I explain the basic plot of the show and tell you about a few of the characters, you can read it here.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the season finale. While there were a lot of loose ends that were wrapped up, there were also a few things that the audience was left hanging on. Not really in a “oh I’m so excited, I can’t wait for next season” kind of way. More like “wow, that’s super annoying that they didn’t tell us why that happened” way.

Firstly, I’m glad that Meena was found and killed. The prospect of her being an evil vampire of the night didn’t seem any more thrilling than when she was a righteous goody two shoes. Can’t say I’ll miss the girl. The search for Sir Malcom’s daughter is what brought the main cast together, but I honestly found that story line really dull and I’m glad its come to a close.

Frankenstein’s monster (Caliban) has finally seen the error of his threatening and stalking ways!!! Insert round of applause. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping that Dr. Frankenstein would pull the trigger but it really does seem like Caliban has had a change of heart and so has he. They are on the path to forgiving one another, and the doctor even secured Caliban a mate as a sign of good will.

I love Billie Piper so while I am really happy that we’ll see her next season, I don’t think that her character (Brona Croft) is going to be too happy about being dread2transformed into a science experiment. Though she wanted to escape death, I see trouble ahead in this story line.

Speaking of Brona, her death is obviously going to weigh heavily on Ethan. He had just fallen in love with Brona. Rationally, he knew that she was going to die but I think that his affections for her masked the reality of her situation. Ethan also had two visitors from the other side of the pond who had come on behalf of his father to take him back home. The final confrontation with the thugs revealed that Ethan is a werewolf. Horror, shock, gasp! When did this happen? How did he get bitten? Was he aware of his condition? Answer: we don’t know and we won’t find out until next season.

As for Miss Ives, now that she has fulfilled her duty to locate Meena, I wonder what dread3her character will do. After the touching proclamation that Sir Malcom gave to Vanessa, during which he called her his daughter it is likely that the two will stick together. But, I have to wonder if she will be able to stay on the path of the righteous now that Meena is no longer her anchor towards the light.

Vanessa has also ended her relationship with Dorian as she knows that he has been tainted with darkness. I love Dorian and I hope he stays in the show but I definitely understand where she is coming from, the last time they had sex it become violent and bloody and then she got possessed by a demon. I wish we had learned more about him though. Did he make his deal for everlasting youth with the same demon that wants Vanessa? Also if he doesn’t have a soul how does he still have emotions?

I am a bit disgruntled that Vanessa’s connection to the infamous “master” has not been explained. We were shown a bit of insight into the ancientΒ  prophecy that Vanessa is said to be the key to. But who is he? Why specifically is Vanessa a target? Why hasn’t this big bad just taken her already?

Questions upon questions. I will definitely stick around for next season to see if they are answered. I would rate this show 7.5/10. While its exciting and well produced, I feel a lack of connection to the characters.

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