Album Review: Lana del Rey’s Ultraviolence

Ultraviolence hit Itunes three days ago. As I am a huge Lana del Rey fan I was eager to get my hands on it and have been listening to it non stop since then. I decided to wait a few days before writing a Lana-Del-Rey-Ultraviolence1review because I wanted to let the songs have time to settle.

As a whole I loved the album. It is very different from her previous work and really showcased her range in terms of style and content. In terms of style she featured more raw sounds that gave the tracks a really vulnerable feel. They were less cinematic than the songs on Born to Die. In Ultraviolence the drama is toned down and I really think that her vocals shined on the album.

The subject matter, like the majority of her music, centers on relationships and her struggles to find love. Within many of the songs she sings from the perspective of a woman in an abusive relationship were violence and drugs abundant.The song Ultraviolence features the lines “he hit me and it felt like a kiss” and “he hurt me but it felt like true love.”

There seems to be a lot of controversy about whether or not the lyrics are an autobiographical account of her relationships or just inspired by the experiences of other people. I don’t really think that it matters. She captures the essence of what it is like for a woman who is wrapped up in an abusive relationship, they come to write the pain off as love. Maybe many people get offended because they think that she is glamorizing abuse and drugs? When you are in the midst of drugs and love, while they may not be healthy, you can easily become addicted to the rush of ecstatic emotion. Which is exactly what this album captures.


Top 5 tracks from Ultraviolence

1. Brooklyn Baby

2. Sad Girl

3. West Coast

4. Old Money

5. Florida Kilos

Ultraviolence is on Itunes now

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