I’ve got the Wanderlust Blues

Traveling is one of my greatest joys in life. Visiting new places, seeing architecture from around the world, and tasting food from different cultures brings me a thrill that comes from discovering the unknown. For the first twenty years of my life the only travel that I had done was within the United States, and in the second semester of my third year at university I had the opportunity to study abroad. I lived in South East London for five and a half months and traveled a great deal around Western Europe.

London is easily the most amazing city that I have ever had the pleasure of being and I miss it all the 303570_10151153695260947_1529634119_ntime. Most of the people that I studied abroad with were itching to come home at the end our time in England but I was the opposite, I wished that I could live in London for the rest of my life.

Yesterday was the year mark of the ending of the greatest adventure thus far in my life, and that realization made me so nostalgic for the people and places that I discovered during my short stay in England.

I’ve never felt attached to a place, until London. I love being close my family and spending time with them, but I’ve never been able to say that I love my home state. Sure its alright, but there’s just something in my soul that has always craved the exciting and fast-paced lifestyle that comes with living in a major city. In London there was always something going on. Whether it was sight-seeing, going to one of many street markets and fairs, trying out new restaurants, going to the theatre (which is surprisingly cheap in the UK), pub crawling, clubbing, going to galleries, or exploring the boroughs; there was never a dull moment.

Another reason why I came to love London so much is because of the amazing creative communities that exist with the city, especially in East London. Ultimately I want to attend graduate school in London, as it one of the most inter-connected cities in the world when it comes to the cultural industries. But until then I’ll settle for just reminiscing on my time in the city across the pond, where I left my heart. 293078_4776586741947_1144169113_nStreet art in Shoreditch (East London) don’t be jealous of my amazing modeling skills….




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