Discovering Lorde’s Pure Heroine, I know I’m late on this bandwagon


Lorde hit the music scene full force when Royals took over the radio about a year ago. While I liked the song well enough I never chose to look into her further. Here’s why, when things are super hyped up I normally choose to ignore them. Most of the time when things seem to good to be true I just assume that they are. My introduction to her EP Pure Heroine began when I started to get into Soundcloud. If you’ve used the site then you know that when you click on a song there is constant string of tracks that just auto play after the song that you play ends. The song Glory and Gore began to play and I loved it. Her voice is super distinct so I knew that it was Lorde right away. From there I lordelistened to the whole EP and actually found many songs that I liked even more than Royals. Here’s my top five:

1. Glory and Gore

2. The Love Club

3. Ribs

4. Tennis Court

5. Buzzcut Season



  1. I feel the same about hyped up things, be it music or books. I often try to stay away from hypes, and I was also late with Lorde. But I discovered her in April during the A-Z challenge, and I love her now.


    • Very true, I sometimes get turned off by the amount of times an artist get played on the radio. Their music just starts to annoy me, but I am really glad that fate intervened and introduced me to more of her stuff haha


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