Yogi on a budget: Practicing in a studio vs home


To anyone who has ever practiced yoga, you will know that it’s not cheap to join a studio. I have been bouncing back and forth in between practicing in my own home to studios and have found that there are pros and cons to both, as well as developed a few tips that I’d like to share.

Practicing in the studio


Getting instruction on how to correctly do the poses (having someone to physically align your body)

Working with the calming energy of the others in the room

A break from your everyday environment

Having tools that you may not have access to at home

Interacting with others



The loss of time while getting their and back

You may feel uncomfortable with others in the room


Practicing at home


More convenient in terms of location

You can design your own session and cater it specifically for you

Learning to create peace in your personal space

More economical



May limit your progress or the growth of your practice (especially if you are a beginner)

Your home environment may not be calming

Wrap up time

So now that you’ve seen the pros and cons I’ve got a few cheats for you if you still don’t know whether or not to practice in a studio or at home. If you want to practice at home utilize Youtube channels that are created by professionals. A few of my favorites are Sadie Nardini & Kino Yoga.

I think that you can find a good balance in between practicing yoga in your own home and practicing in the studio with professionals. Although it can be expensive I think that you should attend at least a few taught classes in order to develop the proper strategies and reduce the chance of injury. I would recommend going onto the site of studio that you want to visit, or having a look around on Groupon to find discounts or special packages.


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