A Broke Girl’s Guide to Online Shopping

You know when you’ve got the perfect outfit dreamed up in your head? Those moments were you picture yourself looking super fierce in pieces of clothing and accessories that you don’t own. Those are the times that you take to the internet scouring the sites for the items that you need to complete your look. Searching through the same old sites can get pretty boring so I’ve made a list of great online shops that are affordable and have a wide variety of styles.

1. Make Me Chic


This site has really trendy pieces which is great for updating your wardrobe. You don’t want to spend a ton on items that you’ll just wear for one season but its nice to keep your collection current.

2. GoJane


The clothes here a really hit or miss, but the shoe collection is killer. Their footwear looks really high quality and the prices are on point!

3. Asos


Though Asos does have some really pricey items they always have a really great sale section, and not just one that is full of rejects. I’ve found some really beautifully made pieces in their sale section. The shipping is also very quick considering that they items are coming from the UK.

4. Sheinside


The shipping on this site takes pretty long but they are great for finding really unique and fashion forward clothing itemes, especially dresses.

5. Boohoo


This site is a recent discovery. They have a really wide selection and I really like going on to this site to browse styles that are a bit edgier.

Hope this was informative, tell me if you know of any great online shops that I didn’t mention!

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