Film Review: August: Osage County


Usually, I will wait at least a day or two after watching a film to write a review on it. My reasoning is that I can give myself some time to digest what I have seen, but today I have decided to write the review of August: Osage County just on hour after watching it. Bear with me, I’ve got a lot of thoughts drumming through my head so we’ll have to see how this spit-fire review works out.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of the film, it stars Meryl Streep and Juliet Roberts and is set in present day Mid Western America. Meryl Streep portrays Violet Weston a mother whose husband disappears drawing her sister and three daughters back to their family home. Violet is succumbing to sickness and old age, and has become addicted to prescription pills in order to deal with the fractured relationship that she holds with her family and the depression that she feels over her loss of youth and beauty.

The performances in the film were amazing. Both Streep and Roberts play dark characters who are facing the crippling sadness of broken homes. Roberts returns to the home along with her 15 year old daughter and her separated husband played by Ewan McGregor.

I think that this film presented a look into the tragedy of defeat. The characters are pushed to the point where they can no longer stand to stay together. As a society we are taught that family bonds cannot be broken, but as life and film show us there are things that even the closest of relationships cannot come back from and I think that there is something truthful in the lack of resolution within this film.

Throughout the course of the plot we see secrets, death, and disappointment unfold to all of the members of the Weston family and at the end of the film all that we know is that they go their separate ways. The film ends as it begins, with the picture of a sad and distant string of individuals connected by blood.

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