Music Artists of the Moment #2


Genre: Electronic
Favorite tracks: The Wheel, Artifice
Thoughts: His vocals are on point and the electronic elements of his song are perfectly balanced with the soft tone of his voice. Give the whole album a listen, he’s got a quality sound.


chet faker

Chet Faker
Genre:  Soul, chillstep
Favorite tracks: I’m Into You, Drop the Game, Love & Feeling
Thoughts: Life is better since I discovered Chet Faker’s music. His vibes are so chill and relaxing. You can detect the jazz and soul roots of his music in every one of his songs. His music reminds me a Bon Iver (if he had a hip hop twist). He’s also got a lot of music out there, so I’ve been doing a lot of exploring.



The Weeknd
Genre: Alternative R&B
Favorite tracks: Coming Down, Wicked Games, What You Need
Thoughts: To be honest I have a love hate relationship with the Weeknd. There are songs that I love and ones that I hate, but the songs that I love I can’t get enough of. At times his lyrics are a bit self indulgent but there are times that his vulnerable and soulful sound/lyrics just work.

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